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Slab Bases

We often get asked about the base for a shed. It is of the upmost importance to place your shed on a suitable base, we would suggest using concrete slabs.


Decking can be built to be any size and any shape, it can also be used for your shed base. We can supply and fit decking to suit your needs.

Aluminium Floor Bearers

We can supply and fit aluminium bearers to your shed, this is ideal for gardens that get water logged, so even if your shed sat on a slab base the water level would still be a problem, not with anti rust and anti rot aluminium bearers.

Felt Options

We have a wide range of felt colours and thicknesses. We also re-felt old sheds too.

Old Shed Removal

We can dismantle and dispose of your old shed.

Spirit Based 5ltr Wood Preservative
Slab Bases
Slab Base 2
Decking Base and Sleepers
Decking Handrail
Aluminum Bearers
Felt Options
Internal Cladding
Security Bolts

Internal Cladding

Internal cladding for sheds. using 6mm ply boards we will clad the entire inside of your shed, we also fit polystyrene insulation in to the cavity.

Door Options

There are options on both door size and position, our standard doors have a 30" opening, we can also make to opening at 4ft, 5ft and 6ft. All the doors over 30" will be double doors. Stable door available too.

Guttering and Waterbutts

Guttering available to fit any shed, we can also supply water butts. All supplied and fitted.

Security Packs

Security bolts used to bolt the shed together, we also fit security 'one way' screws to the hinges and padbolt. Our security pack also come with a quality padlock.


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